Regulations of the Chamber of Deputies
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Chapter VI
Final provisions

Article 225. - If the term of office of the Chamber of Deputies and of the Senate has expired, the draft laws and legislative proposals placed on their agenda shall continue procedure in the newly elected Chamber of Deputies.

Article 226. - The articles regarding mediation, namely articles 80-83 and articles 136-138, shall apply only to constitutional laws.

Article 227. - The Chamber of Deputies shall adopt decisions according to the procedure stipulated under articles 86-153.

Article 228. - (1) If different interpretations of a text in the Standing Orders should occur, the Standing Orders Committee shall be notified by the Standing Bureau or by the President of the Chamber of Deputies.

(2) The Standing Orders Committee shall provide the Standing Bureau or the President of the Chamber, as the case may be, with a viewpoint regarding the Committee's position on the interpretation of the Standing Orders.

(3) The Standing Orders Committee's viewpoint may constitute a proposal for a subsequent amendment or addition to the Standing Orders, to be submitted to the Standing Bureau.

Article 229. - After the Law on the Statute of Deputies and Senators has been adopted, the provisions of the present Standing Orders shall be amended accordingly.

Article 230. - The provisions of the present Standing Orders may be amended in compliance with the procedure for drawing up and adopting laws, stipulated under articles 86153, based on the vote by a majority of the Deputies.

The draft laws and legislative proposals registered by the date when the Law for the revision of the Constitution of Romania comes into force shall be debated and adopted under the provisions of the Standing Orders of the Chamber of Deputies prior to the coming into force of the Chamber of Deputies Decision no. 23 of 11 November 2003, published in the Official Gazette of Romania, Part I, no. 798 of 12 November 2003.

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